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Fort Myers Home Inspectors should be impartial and a independent certified home inspector; not associated with a repair company whether it is for roof repair, HVAC or pest control business. 

The professional Fort Myers Home inspector will hire a AmIAQC board Certified Indoor Environmentalist for mold inspections, testing, odor identification, and other indoor air quality issues.

Only the ACAC.org  requires experience to be certified.

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Radon Tests / Mold Assessments (inspections) & Sampling
Formaldehyde & VOC Tests / Allergen Screening
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There are dozens of Cape Coral home inspectors. Cape Coral homebuyers should try to get the best qualified, experienced ASHI or NACHI or FABI certified home inspector for their pre purchase inspection.  "Full service home inspectors" claim to do it all, radon, mold, termite, etc.  As a Cape Coral homebuyer do you really want an inspector who provides these services as a side job?   Florida law requires home inspectors to have a license and mold inspectors are licensed separately to protect the consumers.  NOTE: A mold inspection usually takes longer than a home inspection, if the home inspection is two hours then expect the mold inspection to take another two hours or more.

State of Florida Licensed Ft Myers Home Inspectors


State of Florida Licensed

Accredited BuildingConsultants, Inc.
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Fred has provided hundreds of Ft Myers Homebuyers peace of mind with his quality home inspections in Ft Myers, Florida. Fred is well known as the best commercial building inspector serving Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Lehigh Acres, FL.

  Patriot Home Inspections, llc 

 Patriot Home Inspections, llc provides Certified Home Inspections, HUD 203k Consultant Services, and Wind Mitigation Reporting in Naples, Ft. Myers, Marco Island, Cape Coral, and the Immokalee areas.  


State of Florida Licensed

Dave Decker provides home inspection and home watch services in Lee, Charlotte and Collier Counties. 

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Colene is experienced and has served the Naples and Ft myers area for several years.

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iSpects® will address your concerns and alleviate your fears by providing a superior, comprehensive home inspection that identifies potential safety, health, or structural issues prior to your purchase.

All iSpects'® FL State licensed home inspectors provide first-class service, comments in easy to understand language, and digital images of your home's mechanics and its surrounds. 







State of Florida Licensed

Bill is a Florida licensed home inspector serving SW Florida

State of Florida Licensed

Just Bugs

 Hector has been serving the Naples and Fort Myers area for years and years. Nice man and knows what he is doing. If you're buying a home, have a termite/bug inspection.


State of Florida Licensed
State of Florida Licensed
Experienced Home Inspector

The best Naples Home inspectors rely on independent companies experienced and trained just for environmental issues such as mold and radon concerns for their clients.   Any mold inspection / testing should be performed by a company that has mold errors and omissions insurance in addition to general liability insurance.  Reputable Home Inspectors will only hire a Florida Department of Health certified Radon Measurement Business to perform your radon test. Certified Indoor Environmentalists for mold concerns.

Naples home inspector must provide a thorough and unbiased inspection for your prospective home purchase in Naples, Florida.  The home inspection report is always better if it is a computer generated detailed report, not a simple checklist report many companies fill out and hand to you at the end of the inspection. Photos of all deficiencies and areas that need your attention should be in the report and explained to you by the inspector concerning your new home.

Your Naples Home Inspector is someone who provides, or offers to provide, a limited visual examination of the readily accessible installed systems and components of a home, which include the structure, electrical system, HVAC system, roof covering, plumbing system, interior components, exterior components, and site conditions that affect the structure, for the purposes of providing a written professional opinion of the condition of the Naples home.

Almost all of Lee County Home inspectors perform home inspections in Collier County too.  Mold Assessors have a separate license than Home Inspectors.

The Thomas Edison & Henry Ford Estates located in Ft. Myers Florida.

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Radon testing, and mold inspections are not part of a Ft Myers / Cape Coral home inspectors job description (standard of practice) if they are members of ASHI or NACHI the two largest home inspector certifying / training organizations. Radon testing is regulated by the FL DOH.  Home Inspectors must be licensed by the FL DBPR http://www.myfloridalicense.com/dbpr/ .  Mold Assessors (inspectors) must be licensed by the FL DBPR http://www.myfloridalicense.com/dbpr/pro/division/Servicesthatrequirealicense_mold.html

Professional Home inspectors will usually hire a Florida Department of Health certified Radon Measurement Business for radon testing.  The best home inspectors hire ACAC board Certified Indoor Environmentalists  http://acac.org/  for their clients concerns about mold inspections and other indoor air quality issues such as allergen testing.

Experienced Cape Coral / Ft Myers home inspectors hire us for their environmental inspections and testing.
Call Radon & Mold Professionals direct and save money, most home inspectors add a service charge to our fees.  With 3 Certified Indoor Environmentalists on staff, infrared cameras, boroscopes, laser particle counters and the best equipment we can do the best job for you.   
office: (239) 498-4619   toll free: (800) 881-3837

Doug Wall, CIE and the EPA say your mold inspector must be experienced in collecting mold samples and interpreting the lab analysis.  You do not want a mold inspector that has someone else interpret your lab analysis.

The Cape Coral Home Inspector you hire should have insurance and be certified by a nationally recognized home inspector association.  The home inspector best serves his client by hiring a qualified and experienced Certified Indoor Environmentalist for mold inspections and testing.   Any Cape Coral mold inspector should carry $1million in mold Errors and Omissions insurance which will be required in the future by Florida law (scheduled for 2010).

IAQ Council-certified professionals are experienced in one or more disciplines related to indoor air quality, including environmental investigation and consulting, microbial investigation and consulting, microbial remediation, residential mold inspection, IAQ administration and microbial claims adjusting. (click here)

Ft. Myers and Southwest Florida construction methods and techniques are often different than those in colder climates in the north.  Your Fort Myers home inspector must be experienced and familiar with Florida construction to give you a professional and thorough non-intrusive visual inspection from the foundation up to and including the roof.


Home inspectors in Fort Myers are required to have a Lee County occupational license.  Mold Inspectors in Lee County are also required to have an occupational license (home inspector occupational license does not qualify for mold or radojn testing).

Fort Myers home inspections are a “snap shot” in time concerning the condition of the home; many home inspectors offer a home warranty to buyers at the time of the inspection.  Homebuyers need to understand that the accessible areas are what are inspected.   Although some inspectors use infrared thermal imaging cameras they cannot see thru walls.  Infrared thermal imaging cameras are a must for moisture detection and every good mold inspector will have at least one.

The following items are just some of the areas that need to be checked by your home inspector to ensure that they function as intended at the time of the inspection.

Basement, Foundation, Crawlspace & Structure

Attic & Insulation
Doors, Windows & Interior

Fort Myers home inspectors perform inspections in all of Lee County including Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, Sanibel Island, Fort Myers Beach, North Fort Myers, Estero, Bonita Springs and of course Fort Myers.

Definitions and Scope of the typical home inspection.

 A Home Inspection is a non-invasive visual examination of a residential dwelling, performed for a fee, which is designed to identify observed material defects within specific components of said dwelling.  Components may include any combination of mechanical, structural, electrical, plumbing, or other essential systems or portions of the home, as identified and agreed to by the Client and Inspector, prior to the inspection process.

 A Home Inspection is intended to assist in evaluation of the overall condition of the dwelling. The inspection is based on observation of the visible and apparent condition of the structure and its components on the date of the inspection and not the prediction of future conditions.

 A home inspection will not reveal every concern that exists or ever could exist, but only those material defects observed on the day of the inspection.

 A Material Defect is a condition of a residential real property or any portion of it that would have a significant adverse impact on the value of the real property or that involves an unreasonable risk to people on the property. The fact that a structural element, system or subsystem is near, at or beyond the end of the normal useful life of such a structural element, system or subsystem is not by itself a material defect.

 An Inspection report shall describe and identify in written format the inspected systems, structures, and components of the dwelling and shall identify material defects observed. Inspection reports may contain recommendations regarding conditions reported or recommendations for correction, monitoring or further evaluation by professionals, but this is not required.

To view most widely used standard of practice used by home inspectors nation wide. (click here)

Fort Myers Home Inspector should be trained and certified by one of the national home inspector association such as ASHI or NACHI which requires continuing education/training to ensure your inspector is “up to date” on any change in the industry.  (Roofing materials, plumbing pipe problems or recalls of various components in a home.)

Home inspector provide a valuable service when you are purchasing a Bonita Springs, Florida home.  Your Bonita Springs home inspector should be certified by ASHI or NACHI; FABI is a Florida Building Inspector association that most local inspectors belong to.  FABI provides education essential to the home inspection industry in Florida. Home Inspectors need to have a Florida license, http://www.myfloridalicense.com/dbpr/index.html , local occupational license and must be insured.    

Whether you are buying a house or condo in Naples, Florida; you need a home inspector that follows a strict published “standard of practice” to ensure you get the best possible inspection.  Your Naples home inspectors should belong to a professional organization such as NACHI and or FABI which requires more continuous training than the state of Florida.

Naples Home Inspectors are not required to have experience to be licensed as a home inspector in Florida.
Naples Mold Assessors / Inspectors must have up to 4 years experience to be licensed in Florida.
(most licensed mold assessors were "grandfathered" into the mold license / hire Certified Indoor Environmentalists) 
Naples Homeowners and buyers should hire a mold inspector that is experienced in mold sample collection and interpreting the lab results.  

Applicants to FABI must pass a written examination, have their inspection report reviewed and show proof of a required number of inspections in order to qualify for membership. They must also adhere to FABI’s Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics and earn continuing education credits by attending regular seminars/workshops to maintain their membership and keep their proficiencies current

The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI) is the world's largest most elite home inspection association. A non-profit organization with members in all 50 states, all provinces of Canada and 32 other countries.   http://www.nachi.org

Your Naples Home Inspector is someone who provides, or offers to provide, a limited visual examination of the readily accessible installed systems and components of a home, which include the structure, electrical system, HVAC system, roof covering, plumbing system, interior components, exterior components, and site conditions that affect the structure, for the purposes of providing a written professional opinion of the condition of the Naples home.