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During your Bonita Springs mold inspection, a FL licensed Bonita Springs Mold Assessor / Inspector will identify the source of your mold problem and the extent of the mold problem. A Mold Assessor / Inspector that is also a Certified Indoor Environmentalist (CIE) will write recommendations for remediation in his mold report. You can then get proposal for cleanup of the mold problem. A very detailed mold report with recommendations allows the Bonita Springs mold cleanup companies to bid on the same thing.

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Radon Tests / Mold Assessments (inspections) & Sampling
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Our Bonita Springs -Estero Mold Assessors / Inspectors Certified Indoor Environmentalists have proven they are experienced in mold assessment / inspections. Current Florida law requires up to four years of experience to licensed mold assessor / inspectors, unfortunenately most licensed mold inspectors were "grandfathered" into the license. Nationally certified Indoor Environmentalists (CIE) serving the Naples, Fort Myers area have verified experience and have passed a mold assessor exam required by the Florida DBPR.

All mold assessors /inspectors have an obligation to identify a source for your mold problem and extent of mold problem during their  mold inspection in your  home or business.  Florida DBPR licensed mold assessors / inspectors that are Certified Indoor Environmentalists can write “recommendations for corrections” based on their mold inspection.  Clients can use a detailed mold inspection report to obtain mold remediation bids from licensed mold remediators.  Licensed mold remediators cannot perform an inspection and cleanup on the same job within 12 months, Florida law.  “Some remediation companies will always find something to cleanup”.  Hire independent Venice mold assessors / inspectors to protect your self.


Infrared camera photo of wet window base in Bonita Springs home.

infrared photo of wet window.jpg
Infrared photo of wet wall

Digital area photo for infrared photo on the left of wet window base in Bonita Springs home. 

digital photo of wet window.jpg
hidden moisture in wall of Estero home

Radon & Mold Profesionals

 Our Bonita Springs Licensed Mold Assessors / Inspectors are Certified Indoor Environmentalists ( http://acac.org/certify/FL.aspx ). We have provided radon and mold inspection services in the Bonita Springs area since 1999.

Bonita Springs mold inspections must be performed by Florida licensed mold assessors / inspectors. Bonita Springs mold assessors / inspectors also must have a Lee county business tax reciept ( occupational license), licensed mold assessor / inspectors cannot perform remediation on the structures they inspect within 12 months. Florida law  

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